Philosophy of the event


Before the web site, which unfortunately is a bit late, will be online in a few days, it is time to familiarize yourself a little bit with the philosophy of the event.

It was extremely important to us to organize a mega event that could be visited without entrance fees.
All persons can participate in the event for free!

However, you can imagine that a location like the drive-in cinema is not completely free of charge. Also, there are a variety of other costs in the high four-digit area associated with the event. Logically, we have to cover these costs with revenue.

So that the drive-in cinema still remained cheap, we have left the entire food and beverage supply the drive-in cinema. If you are interested in prices, you can look at them on the web site of the drive-in cinema. For theatrical conditions, these are quite cheap and fair.
But you can also bring your own food, if one is afterwards.

Thus, a completely free participation in the on-site activities is possible.

However, there is a limitation!

Every car that drives on the area has to pay a entry fee of 11 Euro. People in the car do not care. If you come with a car four, that would be 2.25 per person. This covers a large proportion of the costs. Not everything, though.

That's why we offer 2 different geocoin and a day for the event.
These are designed with a diameter of 7.5 cm for the coin and 5.5 cm for the day quite large and very high quality.

Version 1
Supporter VIP Coin
limited edition of 111 pieces
Included in the price are the limited coin and already the entry fee for a car and a cinema popcorn bucket basic equipment. Parking for these supporters in an exclusive central VIP area.
these are our supporters and the package costs 33 euros

Version 2
Limited edition GIFF coin in edition of 333 pieces
This coin is offered for 19 euros

Version 3
limited edition of 111 pieces
this day costs 9 euros

Version 4 package All inclusive
Both coins and the tag tell a story about the event and are available as a package for 55 euros, including the entrance for a car.

The coins allow us to cover the remaining costs of the event and thus provide support for the event. Surpluses, if incurred, will be donated to charity.

This is an event by geocachers for geocachers and not a profit oriented event.