GIFF 2018 News



For you as a participant in the world's first MEGA-GIFF event, three banners in two different sizes are available

The first caches are published


The first caches are published. In intervals, the new caches in and around Cologne are now released daily.

All this regularly at

Countdown is running....


Countdown is running. A final exiting week until the GIFF. Weather seems perfect for mid November.



Sometimes it is necessary to correct rumors that are spreading.

1. The drive-in cinema is not fully booked ...
2. Easy parking can not be reserved a...
3. The places are allocated in the order of entry...
4. Please do not come to the last minute, since ...

Coins in Europe - "Kinema Help!" (GC7Y4FA)


Hi Movie Fans and Coin Lovers!

The coins have arrived in Europe and are still on their way through Germany. Beginning next week we will pack your orders and your pickup confirmation will be mailed early November.

If you are still interested in Regular coins