coins or tags for collection



Dear Trackable friends and fans

this Mega event offers the option to order coins or tags for collection.


  • Version 1: Support VIP Coin limited 111

    this includes the entrance fee of 11 € for one vehicle in the exclusive central VIP zone and a large bucket of popcorn
    (33 €)

  • Version 2: Regular Coin limited 333

    no extras
    (19 €)

  • Version 3: Mega GIFF Tag limited 111 

    (9 €)

  • Version 4 Fan Package all inclusive

    Combination of version 1, 2 and 3 in a more affordable package
    (55 €) 

Coins (black nickel) diameter 7,5 cm and tag 5,5 cm. (VIP bicolour gold; Regular eight colours)

Showing the Mega GIFF Cologne and the local Cologne originals Tünnes and Schäl.


Inquiries have already been sent to us and many preorders received.

ordering Process

Please write an email with your order to: VjEjOCI+MyQWPzU6OSMyeDU5Ow@nospam

Only email, do not use the groundspeak notification system.


The mail needs to contain your real and your cacher name and the amount of each version ordered. In return you will receive an email with the bank credentials to sent your money. You will be able to pick up your order at the main event on Saturday and the Friday evening event.

Orders are only guaranteed after the payment has been received.

Only as long supplies last.