Announcement only for R.V. and caravan visitors


Dear international guests,

There are many inquiries from you where you can park your motorhomes. We have three different cases for this: (please refer to the email address at the end for all R.V. questions)

Case 1 - You only want to stay in a drive-in cinema and not in Cologne.

On the evening of the main event you have an extra gate to the driveway in the drive-in cinema.
Also a WoMo costs 11 euros entrance fee. However, parking is not available for privacy reasons. You will only be able to park at the edge of the terrain or at the very back. It is not possible to spend the night in the cinema area and you have to leave the area after the last movie.

Case 2 - You want to go to the drive-in cinema and look for a reserved parking space nearby.

After weeks of negotiations, we were able to rent an ALDI car park about 350 meters from the cinema.

Access is only possible from 16:00 clock and the fee for the night costs 10 euros.
After closing time at 21:30 clock we will have additional capacity there.

Case 3 - You come to the pre-event on Friday and want to stay there nearby.

You can reach the event with your camper, but do not stay there and only park there for the duration of the event. An overnight stay in the landscape protection area is prohibited by the city with punishment threat.

However, we have found a free solution for you in the commercial area Marsdorf.
From there you can reach in a straight line on the Bachemer road the event in about 3km away (closed for cars).
Alternatively, the tram line 7 goes there via 2 stops near the event.

Coordination and booking of parking spaces

Since the camper friends sometimes well know each other and even have their own forums of communication, we have outsourced the coordination and booking of parking spaces.

Schmelli has kindly taken over the coordination and all inquiries please go to the specially set up email address for this weekend event


We wish you a good journey. Your pitches get their own caches.