"JJK - Hollywood in Colonia"

Action movies from USA? No, from Cologne!

The international production of the film Collide (2016) used the home of the highway to convey a speed frenzy. The realism of the story can be seen in the detail, because there is the 1.FC Cologne leader (the first Bundesliga). This anachronism is not unique to Cologne.

Nevertheless, this film was shot entirely in Germany and mainly in Cologne.

 JJK - Hollywood in ColoniaGC7X8FV

"JJK - K wie Klüngel"

This is a coterie cache. Alone you will not succeed here, for two also not. No, it must be a true caching TEAM of 11 cachers.

Every TEAM member needs a smartphone with internet connection!

  JJK - K wie KlüngelGC7V702

"JJK - WoMo Hafen Autokino"

After a long GIFF day, the WoMo captains also want to sleep a bit.
Thankfully, we were able to get approval at this parking lot.

May the captains rest happily.

  JJK - WoMo Hafen AutokinoGC7X1N8

Have fun with the caches of the day. From 5 p.m. we will see each other with the:

Welcome to maybe the greatest
Geocaching International Film Festival of all times.


Geocaching friends have been celebrating a movie night in the fall with award-winning short films from all over the world for a few years now. The films revolve around our special hobby, geocaching. Groundspeak gives all participants a special souvenir.

This year we want to make it one of the largest „Drive-In“ events.