"Cologne Traditions"

Tradition is very important in Cologne. This is not only expressed in the carnival with its "Kölsch Leedcher, Verzällche wie als Krätzche" from ...

  JJK - Kölsch LeedscherGC7YZ6J
  JJK - Kölner Kirchen - FriedenskircheGC8022Y
  JJK - Kölsche auf der CouchGC8023T

"Cologne colorful ..."

A list without a specific topic. Have fun puzzle-solving, searching and finding!

 JJK - Grauman's Chinese TheatreGC7ZJMD
  JJK - WoMo Ankerplatz BBQ AbendGC7XMP8
  AR_ JJK - Kölsch WasserGC7VHNY
  JJK - Challenge für Beginner D1 / T1GC7X39Y
  JJK - The Smoker BBQGC7XTXP

"Walk Of Fame"

In the run-up to the Mega GIFF event, this piece of film madness was designed in cans. Our very personal version of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, which features the 50's of two actors and each decade of an actor, an actress and an otherwise filmmaker.

The trail is about 4.4km long, from the first to the last can and includes 21 caches, including bonus. It begins adjacent to the drive-in cinema and leads you through the Hansestrasse commercial area, via the Airport Business Park, back to the cinema.

  JJK - Walk Of Fame #01: Marilyn MonroeGC7YETY
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #02: James DeanGC7YEVQ
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #03: Audrey HepburnGC7YEW6
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #04: Paul NewmanGC7YF07
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #05: Ray HarryhausenGC7YF0J
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #06: Robert De NiroGC7YF15
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #07: Carrie FisherGC7YF20
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #08: Steven SpielbergGC7YF2D
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #09: Sylvester StalloneGC7YF2R
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #10: Kim BasingerGC7YF30
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #11: George LucasGC7YF33
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #12: Will SmithGC7YF46
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #13: Natalie PortmanGC7YGBG
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #14: Roland EmmerichGC7YGBT
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #15: Christian BaleGC7YGC5
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #16: Halle BerryGC7YGDG
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #17: Christopher NolanGC7YGE1
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #18: Robert Downey JrGC7YGE9
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #19: Jennifer LawrenceGC7YGEM
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #20: J.J. AbramsGC7YGEX
  JJK - Walk Of Fame #21: BONUSGC7YGAV

"Denn sie sind wieder da - Heinz"

"How was Cologne so comfortable with Heinzelmännchen ! ..."

Unfortunately, the nice time for the Cologne was soon over because the Heinzel were expelled by curiosity. But now some of them have returned to the city. They were created by the artists Heike Haupt and Anton Fuchs.

With this cache series you can discover them and find their secret hiding places.

 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz RäuberGC7Y6MB
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz MedicusGC7Y6KM
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz LeserGC7Y6JJ
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz KofferGC7Y5AD
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz KöbesGC7Y5BN
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz KleinGC7Y6P2
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz KeuleGC7Y69E
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz GastGC7Y517
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz EinmalGC7Y6H1
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz EauGC7Y6H1
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz DandyGC7Y7CN
 JJK-Denn sie sind wieder da-Heinz BonusGC7Y7DD

Have fun with the caches of the day. In the evening we will see you at:

Kick-off for perhaps the biggest
Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) ever.

With the Cologne slogan: „Drink doch ene met!“ (Have a drink!) the team from Janz Jroß Kinema invites you Friday November 9th to a cozy BBQ evening at the Deckstein Tennis Club. A fresh draft and treats from the menu will add to the gossip.