"JJK - Kölner Ansichten"

Anyone who walks through Cologne with open eyes will find some great views. But "lupus54" really does not make it easy here!

Have fun 5* - riddling and finding!

  JJK - Kölner AnsichtenGC7YHYQ

"JJK - Meister 78"

The Cologne soul hangs on the Rhine and the 1st FC Cologne. More than 100,000 members like to think back to the heroes of yesteryear, when the FC represented the tip of German football. Names such as Hennes Weisweiler, Toni Schumacher, Heinz Flohe, Bernd Cullmann and many more brought the championship trophy to Cologne and international top clubs came to the cathedral city.

The prototypes from the master team of 1978 are dedicated to this series. According to the motto 11 friends you have to be, you are looking for 11 players Tradis and their coach bonus.

Have fun searching! Do not forget the bonus!

  JJK - Meister 78 "Bernd" Bernhard CullmannGC7Y08F
  JJK - Meister 78 "Flocke" Heinz FloheGC7Y08X
  JJK - Meister 78 "Gerd" Gerhard StrackGC7Y07Q
  JJK - Meister 78 "Harry" Harald KonopkaGC7Y07K
  JJK - Meister 78 "Joschi" Yasuhiko OkuderaGC7Y08B
  JJK - Meister 78 "Kaster" Dieter MüllerGC7Y08Q
  JJK - Meister 78 "Roger" Roger van GoolGC7Y092
  JJK - Meister 78 "Roland" Roland GerberGC7Y082
  JJK - Meister 78 "Sonnyboy" Herbert NeumannGC7Y08N
  JJK - Meister 78 "Toni" Harald SchumacherGC7Y077
  JJK - Meister 78 "Zimbo" Herbert ZimmermannGC7Y07C
  JJK - Meister 78 Bonus "Hennes" Hans WeisweilerGC7Y8BB