"JJK - Have a drink with me"

'We throw a round' ... in the Merheim Heath.

It is about Kölsch, as it is traditionally drunk here in Cologne.
From the large offer of well over 100 Kölsch varieties, we have (of course, quite subjective) 11 picked out.

Have fun puzzle and find! Do not forget the bonus!

  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 01GC7QXYD
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 02GC7QXYJ
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 03GC7QXYZ
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 04GC7QXZ4
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 05GC7QXZ8
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 06GC7QXZE
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 07GC7QXZJ
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 08GC7QXZN
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 09GC7QXZQ
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 10GC7QXZT
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - 11GC7QXZX
  JJK - Drink doch ene met - BonusGC7QY01

"JJK - Kinema ..."

There are various questions about cinema films. How many movies do you know?

Have fun puzzle and find! Do not forget the bonus!

  JJK - Kinema - FilmmusikGC7WRFH
  JJK - Kinema - FilmplakateGC7THN2
  JJK - Kinema - HandlungGC7X39R
  JJK - Kinema - KinosGC7XAE3
  JJK - Kinema - Police AcademyGC7YBTW
  JJK - Kinema - RegisseureGC7WW3E
  JJK - Kinema - SchauspielerGC7WPDK
  JJK - Kinema - SnacksGC7X4Q8
  JJK - Kinema - ZitateGC7WRCR
  JJK - Kinema - Der BonusGC7T0A1

"JJK - Cologne curios and Cologne artist"

JJK_Giff_2018 - Cologne curious & Cologne artist. It is a coherent round! It makes sense to start at No. 1 and be guided by the guidance. Please note the reference point for the passage of curiosities to Cologne artists. There is a bonus cache for both topics.

Cologne - or rather Kölle, as the people of Cologne affectionately call their city - is the most populous city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-largest city in Germany, with more than 1 million inhabitants.

Kölle has a lot to offer, but also the typical language "Kölsch" is unique. And then there are some curiosities for non-cologne.

Have fun discovering and finding! Do not forget the bonus!

  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 01GC7Y9Y9
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 02GC7Y4KZ
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 03GC7Y4K6
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 04GC7Y4M5
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 05GC7Y4KE
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 06GC7Y4JP
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 07GC7Y8RA
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 08GC7Y8Q7
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 09GC7Y8N5
  JJK - Köln Kurios & Kölner Künstler 10GC7Y8MQ
  JJK - Köln Kurios BonusGC7YDWQ
  JJK - Kölner Künstler - The EndGC7Y8M0

"JJK - Cologne bridges - inspection"

The bridges over the Rhine shape the cityscape of Cologne. Most of the Rhine crossings have a turbulent history.

Almost all were destroyed during the Second World War and subsequently rebuilt.
Depending on whether you ask a Cologne or a Leverkusen, there are seven or eight Rhine bridges in Cologne.

The Leverkusen Bridge is the northernmost of the Rhine crossings and is located half on Leverkusen city area.

However, it is usually regarded as the eighth Cologne Rhine bridge. (Source: Köln-Magazin)

Have fun discovering and finding!

  JJK - Kölner Brücken - InspektionGC7YPQP

"JJK - Crime Scene / Crime Scene Colonia: The Cathedral stolen"

In a burglary in the cathedral treasury on 8 February 1995 at 16.30 clock, among other things, the silver Vortragekreuz was stolen. The then Domprobst Bernard Heinrichs turned to Heinrich Schäfer, known in Cologne Miljö as Shepherd Nas.

Shepherd Nas was able to retrieve the cross because of his contacts in the demimonde.

He rejected the suspended finder's salary of 3000 DM. "De Kirch does not steal, un scho janit de Dom"

He gladly accepted that the Domprobst prayed for him.

A true story from 1995 is the basis for this adventure. But some things are just fictitious to keep everything within reasonable limits. You will be led, as far as still available, to some original locations.

Accompany police officers and former greats from Miljö in Cologne through a time and city in which this dazzling environment came to an end.

For this TIG you are about 2 - 3 hours on Cologne's streets on the way. Not all are spruced up and fine, some are shabby, sinister and / or dirty. So a big city stops, it has ups and downs. Please consider this as a necessary evil.

Have fun discovering and finding!

  JJK - Krimi / Tatort Colonia: den Dom bestohlenGC7TB38