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Lab-Caches: Session 2019 - Discover Colonia

Lets go on a tour to Cologne curiosities. Colognians love their city.

Your time ends for this labs when Carneval ends. All is gone at the end of Carneval. Please use the German spelling in all but one answer.


11:00 am


Lab-Caches: Movies Movies Movies

At the Oscars you will always be reminded of how many different film genres there are.

Discover the very different films at the Lab stations on the drive-in cinema area.


04:00 pm


New Caches online! (more2come)

In the run-up to the Mega GIFF - Janz Jross Kinema in Cologne on November 10, 2018, a number of committed cachers from the region met and prepared a large playground for the event together:

More than 111 new geocaches are waiting for you in Cologne and the surroundings of Cologne.
Most caches appear thematically grouped daily from Monday, 05. November 2018.
The rest will be on the event for the first time to discover!
After the countdown, look over here daily!

Enjoy your puzzle-solving, searching and discovering around Kölsch, cinema and carnival ...
Your event team.

With a click on the respective name you come to the list with associated Cachlistings!

Here, up to the event, more ...
klick on the name!

05. Nov. 2018

"koote Wäch"

Welcome to the series "koote Wäch". The means translated "short way" and is suitable for the series of 11 minimultis.

But the kölsche language offers much nicer words that sound very melodious, but are not always so nice. Therefore, I introduce you to each Minimulti a nice Cologne swear word.

Under the item Audio you have the opportunity to listen to the respective word with a kölschen sentence.


6. Nov. 2018

"JJK - Have a drink with me"

It is about Kölsch, as it is traditionally drunk here in Cologne.
From the large offer of well over 100 Kölsch varieties, we have (of course, quite subjective) 11 picked out.


"JJK - Kinema ..."

There are various questions about cinema films. How many movies do you know?

JJK - Cologne curious & Cologne artist

Kölle has a lot to offer, but also the typical language "Kölsch" is unique. And then there are some curiosities for non-cologne.

"JJK - Cologne bridges - inspection"

The bridges over the Rhine shape the cityscape of Cologne. Most of the Rhine crossings have a turbulent history.

Almost all were destroyed during the Second World War and subsequently rebuilt.

"JJK - Crime Scene / Crime Scene Colonia: The Cathedral stolen"

A true story from 1995 is the basis for this adventure.
In a burglary in the cathedral treasury on 8 February 1995 at 16.30 clock, among other things, the silver Vortragekreuz was stolen. The then Domprobst Bernard Heinrichs turned to Heinrich Schäfer ...

7. Nov. 2018

"JJK - Kölner Ansichten"

Anyone who walks through Cologne with open eyes will find some great views. But "lupus54" really does not make it easy here!

"JJK - Meister 78"

The Cologne soul hangs on the Rhine and the 1st FC Cologne. More than 100,000 members like to think back to the heroes of yesteryear, when the FC represented the tip of German football. Names such as Hennes Weisweiler, Toni Schumacher, Heinz Flohe, Bernd Cullmann and many more brought the championship trophy to Cologne and international top clubs came to the cathedral city.

8. Nov. 2018

"JJK - My GIFF ? Your GIFF ? Mega GIFF !"

Take your view to the streets and discover the world of GIFF 2018.

Start at the Film Forum at the Film Festival Cologne.

"JJK - Et kölsche Jrundjesetz"

Et kölsche Jrundjesetz (The Cologne Basic Law) is a guide for all people in Cologne who helps them deal with their environment in all situations of life. 

"JJK - Kölner Letterbox Runde"

Welcome to the Wasserwerkwald in Raderthal! Here I am, the southern city, often with our dog Polly on the way. So what is closer than hiding a few cans in this forest.

9. Nov. 2018

"Cologne Traditions"

Tradition is very important in Cologne. This is not only expressed in the carnival with its "Kölsch Leedcher, Verzällche wie als Krätzche" from ...

"Cologne colorful ..."

A list without a specific topic. Have fun puzzle-solving, searching and finding!

"Walk Of Fame"

In the run-up to the Mega GIFF event, this piece of film madness was designed in cans. Our very personal version of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, which features the 50's of two actors and each decade of an actor, an actress and an otherwise filmmaker.

The trail is about 4.4km long, from the first to the last can and includes 21 caches, including bonus. It begins adjacent to the drive-in cinema and leads you through the Hansestrasse commercial area, via the Airport Business Park, back to the cinema.

"Denn sie sind wieder da - Heinz"

"How was Cologne so comfortable with Heinzelmännchen ! ..."

Unfortunately, the nice time for the Cologne was soon over because the Heinzel were expelled by curiosity. But now some of them have returned to the city. They were created by the artists Heike Haupt and Anton Fuchs.

With this cache series you can discover them and find their secret hiding places.

10. Nov. 2018

The last three! At 10.30, 11.00 and 16.00, the last three official caches will appear here!

JJK - Hollywood in Colonia

Action movies from USA? No, from Cologne!

JJK - K wie Klüngel

This is a coterie cache. Alone you will not succeed here, for two also not.
No, it must be a true caching TEAM of 11 cachers.

JJK - WoMo Hafen Autokino

After a long GIFF day, the WoMo captains also want to sleep a bit. Thankfully, we were able to get approval at this parking lot. May the captains rest happily.